Project on early cements

A Pilot Project to Identify Early Cements, the Likely Usage in Oslo and Norway and the Need for Knowledge on Conservation Practices.

Facts about the project


  • This is a pilot project aimed at learning to identify early cement rendered buildings, especially within Oslo. This will be done through the arrangement of a seminar with experts from Northern Europe. Looking at other examples from various countries and learning the characteristics and solutions used.


  • Project Manager
    • Margrethe Moe, A.L. Høyer AS
  • Project Sponsors
    • The pilot project is supported and funded by the: Directorate of Cultural Heritage in Norway (Riksantikvaren), Statsbygg (the Norwegian State property manager), Royal Palaces, and privately by A.L. Høyer AS, and Seir Materialanalysis.
  • Reference Group
    • Håvard Christensen, Forsvarsbygg, Norge
    • Jørn Bredal Jørgensen, Konservatorskolen, DK
    • Thorborg von Konow, Tureida, Finland
    • Sölve Johansson, Restaureringskonsult, Sverige
    • Margrethe Moe, A.L. Høyer AS


  • Activity 1: A short history of Oscarshall Palace and other buildings in Oslo, chosen together with Riksantikvaren, to evaluate the usage of cement in Oslo especially between 1840-1880.
  • Activity 2: The Pilot Project will arrange a Seminar/Workshop about early cement with experts from  Europe. The Seminar is in English and there will be demonstrations of several products used for restoring early cement. There will also be guided tours at the Oscarshall Palace worksite.
  • Activity 3:The Preliminary Project will produce a Seminar Report on the Project website
  • Activity 4:The Pilot Project will then be used to produce an application for a project to develop the Procedures and best Practice for the Preservation of 19th century Concrete Rendered Buildings.


  • The Project lasts until the 1st December 2009.